Thursday, September 29, 2011

No, I Am Not Bozo the Clown

I recently had someone bring to my attention that there is a blog out there with the address After this person asked if I was “Bozo the Clown,” I was a little puzzled until they directed me the site.

Just to clarify, my address is (the “s” from this is shared with “s” from shit). If you go to the “other blog” you will see the author’s name is bozotheclown and after reading his entries, I can see why.

I have to admit, I don’t really read a lot of other people’s blogs. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own. I took the time to read 6 or 7 of this guys entries and I couldn’t understand what the point of his writing was except to swear a lot. I know I am vulgar, but this guy makes me look like a Puritan! I am all for freedom of speech and all, but I am sad that I call myself “a blogger” when I read what other “bloggers” are writing.

I recently saw someone quote, “Blogging is graffiti with punctuation.” I was a little hurt, but I get it. I have done some research through some of the other sites I post my blog to and it gives advice on how to create a successful blog. One of the suggestions was to post at least 3 times a week. I am lucky if I post 3 times a month. I am sure that some of my posts are meaningless to some. Some people don’t find my writing humorous or my kids antics entertaining, but I do aim to post things that are relevant and wait for something “worth” writing rather posting just to post. I know that if I aimed to post several times a week, I would likely discuss the most inane things that I am SURE NOBODY would want to read. Subjects like how my laundry detergent just doesn’t get my kids’ clothes clean, or the amount of dust bunnies has increased because my dog is shedding more than usual, or I have no idea what to make for dinner today, or Hey, guess what I found under my couch today! Riveting, I know, but I will spare you the details.

I also have a lot of opinions I could write about, but I’d rather keep those to myself or argue with my husband about. Keeps things exciting over here. Finally, there are plenty of things I’d love to write about but know that they just involve TMI. I know some of you probably are shocked to hear that I don’t consider some of what I have already written TMI, but I promise you I am holding back…at least a little bit.

OK, so that was my Public Relations degree at work. I have put a message out clarifying who I am (not Bozo the Clown) and what my message is. I have also established that I will likely never be a famous blogger based on my blogging philosophy, but I enjoy writing what I write, when I write and I am comforted knowing that there are at least a few people out there who enjoy it too.


  1. How many people are visiting Bozo when they think it's you, and just figuring that you have an even fouler mouth than they thought?

  2. Well you did better than me; I only made it through half of one post and gave up. Guess that "blog shit" was too tough for him after all...he hasn't posted since 2005.
    Love your blog by the way! Glad I stumbled on to it!